Keðja presents Stretch Vitlycke, Sweden 2023

Stretch Vitlycke, Sweden 2023 is a creative lab inviting dance artists to explore dance and heritage hosted by Region Västra Götaland, Sweden on behalf of the network Keðja.

Keðja is for the second year organising a lab for dance artists from Norway, Iceland, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovenia, Scotland and Sweden.

The lab will be held at Vitlycke Centre for Performing Arts and Vitlycke Museum in the west of Sweden.

The lab will be a space for artists to exchange experiences, ideas and to develop  their own artistic practises through talks, discussions, seminars and workshops.

What the story?
Vitlycke is a site of bronze age rock carvings and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
With the world heritage as a back drop the lab invites dance artists to consider their own artistic practises through a lens of heritage, history, tradition, education, choices, happenstance and circumstance.

The artists will spend four days together before they are joined by the partners in the Kedja network for an additional three days of lab.

Festival HERE:
During the lab we will also be able to take part in the dance festival HERE, program to be released spring/summer.                                    .

Keðja is an international network of dance organisations. Together we aim to create open meeting places for those working in dance. Keðja facilitates events that gather individuals from dance communities to meet, share and learn together. Keðja wants to empower dance professionals to connect and collaborate across borders.

Vitlycke CPA:
Vitlycke Centre for Performing arts is a non-governmental independent organisation, founded with the aim of providing an inspiring space for performing arts. Initiated by internationally renowned choreographer, dancer and teacher Francesco Scavetta, Vitlycke is a user-created, innovative informal institution. Its activities include: residencies, performances and informal showings, after-talks, workshops for professional dancers, master-classes for non-professional participants, concerts and music events, film projections and seminars.

Practical information

All artists will receive a bursery of 900 €, travel to and from Vitlycke, Sweden and all meals provided.

Vitlycke Centre for Performing Arts
Vitlycke Gård 3, Tanumshede

Vitlycke Museum
Vitlycke 2, Tanumshede

27th of August – 31st of August – Vitlycke Centre for Performing Arts
31st of August –  3rd of September – Tanums Gestgifveri

Travel day artists 27th of August
Travel day partners 31st of August
Travel home 3rd of September

You can travel by plane to Landvetter airport, Gothenburg, Sweden or Gardermoen/Oslo airport, Norway.

From Gardermoen/Oslo airport you continue via bus to Tanumshede/Vitlycke, and from Landvetter airport you take the bus to Gothenburg and then continue via train or bus to Tanumshede/Vitlycke, it takes about 2-3 hours.

You can also travel by bus or train straight to Tanumshede/Vitlycke.

All participants will have some kitchen duties during the week.

Open call:

Artists will be chosen through different processes in the different Keðja partner countries.
The total number of artists are ten.

Go to the different websites for more info:

·       Contemporary Dance Association (LT)
·       Dansverkstædid (IS)
·       Davvi – Centre for Performing Arts (NO)
·       Estonian Dance Art and Dance Education Union (EE)
·       Förvaltningen för Kulturutveckling (SE)
·       Latvian Dance Information Centre (LV)
·       PTL Dance Theater Ljubljana (SI)
·       Regional Dance Centre of Western Finland (FI)
·       The Work Room (SC)

Keðja presents – Stretch Vitlycke, Sweden 2023 is hosted and supported by Region Västra Götaland, Sweden and a collaboration with Vitlycke Centre for Performing Arts and Vitlycke Museum. With support from Nordisk Kulturfond.