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Dream room

Dream room is a room where dreaming is encouraged. We will use it as a self-empowering and collective approach for visualising and manifesting the (dance) life we long for. It has everything which is needed for drawing and writing down your fantasies, possibility to put on different music, read books, talk with fellow dreamers. Dream room is a combination of a comfy living room, a self-help altar, a yoga studio and a dance spa. It’s soft, warm and cosy.

During each lunch hour, stop by for the After talk – shake it off/dance it out/ hang around!

Morning dreaming (Thu-Sat) is for stretching the body and the mind. We will take a small moment before the main talk to wake up and make some space in ourselves for the upcoming day.

Dreaming small, big, silent and loud (Thu only): A group practice in which we write/draw our dreams and share them with the fellow-dreamers. We move from individual dreams to collective dreams. What is it, that we are missing (in the world of dance). The session concludes with making a collective dream map – a body of collective dreams.

Dream dancers Joanna Kalm, Rūta Ronja Pakalne, Madli Paves and Christin Taul (EE) came together during the residency programme of TantsuRUUM (Estonian Dance Agency) 2018/2019. As a result of dancing and dreaming together we premiered on 11th of June 2019 with a piece dream dancers: THE PROCESS OF UNCLENCHING A FIST. A process that initiated from the wish to give dance the chance to become reality, regardless of the shortage of words, blurriness of ideas or the absence of clear reasons. Our first performance together can be seen as the result of the continuous sharing of practices between four dance artists, who attempt to mirror the contemporary human – trusting, however, that the body echoes more than can be attributed to our mere selves.


Turku Future Folk Dance
Pop-up class and community dance performance

Leyya Mona Tawil creates a new folk dance for the future of the city of Turku. She works together with local people and communities creating a choreography that reflects the changing city, its habitants, communities and futures. You can rehearse the dance with Leyya in Thursday’s pop-up class and/or show up for the performance on Saturday in the city centre. Join in or just enjoy the show! The project is produced in collaboration with New Performance Turku Festival.

Tawil works around live art, contemporary dance and experimental music with her character Lime Rickey International. Lime Rickey International is the superconsciousness of Leyya Mona Tawil – a person from the future thrown into the contemporary world, performing folk dances and singing about the motherland that doesn’t exist yet.

Leyya Mona Tawil (SY/PLE/US) is an artist working with dance and music practices. Her work has been presented in 16 countries and throughout the States. Her approach to experimental performance is based on conceptual scoring and location-based variables. Tawil is the director of TAC: Temescal Art Center,  a venue for experimental and community arts in Oakland, California. She is a cultural activist and leader in the Arab American live art scene.


Tanssikummi® – on duty
Momentary dance encounters

Tanssikummi® – a Dance Ambassador – is your travel guide to gain momentary bodily experiences. It is all about being present, to be seen and heard. It is all about feeling the movement, to move in encounters and to affect. Everyone can dance from their own basis and every movement is good and right. Stretch participants are lucky enough to have their own Tanssikummi® , Annastiina Saastamoinen, on duty. You will recognize her by her green hoodie. Let yourself be affected!

The Tanssikummi® programme of the Regional Dance Centre of Western Finland brings professional dance artists to work in to e.g. nursing homes, schools, nurseries and immigration reception centres. Annastiina Saastamoinen (FI) is a dance artist and creator of community dance and applied dance.


Writing Movement pre-meeting
Wednesday 16th

The Writing Movement Network supports and develops a community of dance writers across the Nordic-Baltic countries and Belarus. The network addresses relevant issues for this group of (often precarious) cultural workers who perform important roles, being the ones that ask questions and reflect on the locally/regionally/nationally produced dance. Adding the international exchange that takes place in the network, the members together inform and develop dance as a cultural field in the Nordic-Baltic region and beyond.

Host for the Writing Movement Network pre-meeting at Stretch is choreographer Moa M. Sahlin, who would like to know what you are practicing when it comes to writing. Do you write in your choreographic practice? Are you a critic? Do you have a blog? Do you run program texts? Are you a producer?

Email and sign up: info@moakompani.se.
The pre-meeting can host max 12 participants and afterwards we go for dinner.

More information: Facebook event


Coffee with STST
Wednesday 16th

The Union of Dance and Circus Artists Finland hosts an afternoon coffee meeting, where Finnish dance artists can meet colleagues and discuss current issues and share their thoughts with the board of the union. The event is aimed at dance artists working in Finland.

More information coming soon.