My climate emotions
Movement-based workshop

In this workshop we verbalize and express bodily our emotions related to climate change. How does climate change feel in our body? What kind of seeds of possible futures sprout in us, and how to make them visible by writing? In the workshop we will do simple creative writing exercises and bodily exercises alone and together in small groups. We will also get further reading references about literature related to climate emotions.

This workshop is part of the New Performance Turku Festival programme. Please note, that it will take place in another part of the city (exact location to be confirmed).

Facilitator: Henna Laininen (FI) is a PhD student in fine arts at the Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki and teacher of creative writing. She investigates how to support the process of learning a  sustainable lifestyle by the means of communal creative writing in the context of contemporary art. 


Where art relates to the society:
introducing dance dramaturgy as a practice of contextualization
Introductory talk open for all and 3-day workshop for artists

In this intensive theoretical-practical workshop we are going to discuss the role of dance dramaturgy as a practice of contextualisation and explore the tools that it provides for linking art with the society. We will look at art work as a communicative action, that puts forth contexts such as local and social structures. We will discuss relevant questions such as how to step out of the bubble and relate one’s own work to the society – without compromizing your very own artistic idea. We will introduce and practice different methodologies such as articulating artistic intentions, especially towards the audience, curators and to the ones collaborating with you.

The 3-day workshop will be kicked off with an introductory talk open for everyone and continue as a closed working group. One’s own artistic work can also be investigated and discussed together within the working group.

Thomas Schaupp (DE), freelance dance dramaturg, teacher and advisor.


Basics in content marketing
Workshop for producers and PR officers

This practical workshop will focus on content marketing for dance, its role, terminology, costs and cost-effectiveness as well as look at inspirational cases. The workshop will provide tools including a 5-step manual. The workshop is primarily aimed at dance producers and PR officers wanting to enhance their know-how in marketing.

Elli Mäkilä (FI), CEO of Storybound, expert in content marketing and experienced media, marketing and advertising professional specialized in performing arts.


The use of coaching methods in the arts
Workshop for producers and self-producing artists

Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative process, focused on developing strengths and self-reflection. Coaching skills and tools can be used in personal development as well as improving interpersonal skills and collaboration. In this workshop, the principles and methods of coaching are presented. Participants will also learn and try out coaching methods in practice and discuss ideas for practical use in the dance field.

Teppo Virtanen (FI) is a certified business coach and MA in Dance. After his studies in the Theatre Academy he worked internationally as a performer, choreographer and teacher and also in HR management. Nowadays his main job is business coaching, working with managers and leadership.
Outi Järvinen (FI) has been working as a manager and producer in the dance field for more than fifteen years. She is the founder of Arts Management Helsinki, a progressive production company and values based consultancy in the arts. Outi holds a Master’s Degree in Dance/Choreography from the Theatre Academy of Helsinki.


Artistic interventions – A kick-off about how to contribute to societal development
Workshop for artists

The workshop offers a kick-off for creating your own service concept as a dance artist; how to use and develop your skills and creative mindset in the context of societal development. Maria will share her knowledge and experience in running artistic interventions and facilitate the participants in defining their driving forces and finding their skills and methods for working with other sectors outside the art field.

Maria Mebius-Schröder (SE), dance artist and process manager at TILLT in Gothenburg. Maria has 30 years of experience as freelancing artist and 15 years of experience of running artistic interventions. TILLT works with high-quality projects about current societal questions where artists are creative motors.


Artists and producers: Together, side by side, against each other, for each other?
Workshop for artists and producers

What can cooperation between artists and producers look like? How are responsibilities and work areas divided? How do these intertwine? When do they conflict? What makes a good collaboration and how do we want to work together?

The role of the producer can range from service provider to strategic partnership. In practice, producers often cover the entire spectrum and balance on the brink of feeling utterly overwhelmed. How can producers define their role more precisely and communicate it more clearly? And what demands and wishes do the artists have on the producers?

In this workshop for artist and producers we will look at the different ways in which artists and producers work together, take a closer look at each other’s expectations, and design models for collaboration.

Katja Sonnemann (DE) is the initiator and director of AKADEMIE for Performing Arts Producers and freelance producer, lecturer and mentor. She has worked for various companies, festivals and venues as a producer, tour manager, company manager, head of artistic planning and head of artistic production.


Leadership, teamwork & trust building
Lecture-workshop for leaders and managers

This lecture-workshop focuses on topics of management and leadership in dance. We study and try out tools of business management that successful art projects can use.

Choreographers and producers have numerous work roles in addition to their main job: supervisors, leaders, influential persons, colleagues, and so on. Do we recognize them all? Respectful leadership nourishes the self-esteem of employees; everyone has a need to be heard and respected. Better communication improves both the work atmosphere and results. During this session, we will cover topics of leadership and communication by practical approach.

What does teamwork actually mean and how is it different from working as a group? Mutual trust is one of the key elements, but how do we deal lack of trust? Partitioning the concept of trust into smaller parts that are easier to understand is useful for building trust and dealing with misunderstandings.

Teppo Virtanen (FI), certified business coach and MA in Dance. After his studies in the Theatre Academy he worked internationally as a performer, choreographer and teacher and also in HR management. Nowadays his main job is business coaching, working with managers and leadership.


Mapping your work process
Parallell workshops for artists and producers

In this workshop artists and producers are invited to draw a map of their professional practice, to clarify patterns, turning points and strategies, and to turn habits and unconscious preferences into conscious choices and possibilities.

What are your tools and methods, conscious or instinctive? Which turning points do you remember from a specific process, good or bad? What essential choices do you tend to make, and why? When is your process productive and easygoing? When is it full of knots and problems? What is your “role” in the “drama” of collaborative processes; what are your special skills and how can you improve them?

Studying your own work and reflecting on your own process is a rare luxury in the usual routine of deadlines and production. Mapping brings the practical methods of creation into a process where reflections can be shared, practice can be exchanged, and conscious methodology can be developed.

The workshop includes the mapping process, dialogue, and knowledge sharing between the producers’ mapping workshop and the artists mapping workshop.

The workshop is based on Performing Arts Relay, a laboratory/artistic research collaboration between Seachange Lab (DK), Dansearena Nord (N), Nightswimming Theatre (CA) and School of Creative and Performing Arts at University of Calgary (CA). Performing Arts Relay is dedicated to discovering and exploring performing arts processes, developing new ideas, methods, dialogues and partnerships, and to try out groundbreaking new ways to use artistic methods and the ways in which art produces knowledge.

Barbara Simonsen (DK) is director, dramaturg and artistic director and founder of Seachange Lab in Aarhus, Denmark, an independent and international centre for practical artistic research and performing arts experiments. She is also founder of the company Teater Seachange, where her experimental productions range from audioplays in cinemas to international music theatre and interactive installations. Simonsen has worked for many years as consultant and facilitator for directors, playwrights, choreographers and companies, specializing in the analysis and development of process, tools and methods.

Susanne Næss Nielsen (NO) is the director of Dansearena Nord and head of a producers’ hub and a competence centre for Performing Arts in Arctic Norway. She has been working as a producer and manager for a decade, always looking for ways to improve working methods and exploring new possibilities. Understanding and dealing with all the unknowns of the producers’ working life is key to development.