Keðja and festival HERE: 2023 present a Dance Encounter!

Creator: Luciano Goizueta

We invite the dance field to join the Keðja presents Stretch Vitlycke, Sweden 2023 the 2nd of September at Vitlycke Museum and Vitlycke Centre for performing arts for a day of performances, seminars, talks, food and a party.

Keðja presents Stretch Vitlycke, Sweden 2023 is a creative lab inviting dance artists from Norway, Iceland, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovenia, Scotland and Sweden to explore dance and heritage.

Hosted by Region Västra Götaland, Sweden on behalf of the network Keðja.

And the last day of the lab, 2nd of September, we invite the dance field to join us and the festival Here: 2023

Read more about the lab here.
Read more about the festival here.

Program, 2nd of September
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At Stora Teatern/Göteborg

11:30 Bus to Vitlycke from Stora Teatern, Gothenburg

At Vitlycke museum

14:00 Improvisation performance, Tevin Redvall  – Garden of Growth at Vitlyckehällen
(at Vitlyckehällen, joint walk to performance starts at Vitlycke Museum 13:45)

Welcome to the Garden of Growth, a captive dance performance that will take you on a transformative journey where you explore what growth really means and a world where movement becomes a language of self discovery.

Tevin is a residency artist during 2023 in a development residency for dance artists organised by Göteborgs Dans och Teaterfestival and Region Västra Götaland

Read more about the event, in Swedish, here.

14:30–15:00 Break/snack

15:00 Seminar – Celine Orman – Digital presentation of Bevara Rörelse (Perpetuate Motion)
How can we preserve contemporary dance for the future? Dance is in its essence fleeting.
The movement is gone in the same instant as it is created. What remains are its resonating traces within us.

Bevara Rörelse (Perpetuate Motion) is a research and archival project documenting people’s experiences of dance. A collaboration between Skånes Dansteater and archivist Celine Orman challenging and developing methods for preserving and archiving dance as an artform. Read more here.

15:45 Presentation of Keðja presents – Stretch Vitlycke, Sweden 2023 creative lab. Meet the artists.

16:45 Break/snack


17:00 Digital talk by TBC

At Vitlycke Centre for Performing Arts

18:00 Performance: The Gap-18 Steps through (dance) history PART II by Liza Penkova (SE)

Dear East, everything is different here in the West.
In church, the priest makes jokes, and it all feels like last day of school…
you don’t need to kneel, nor stand still, you may run, you may even dance.

Drawing on Penkova’s own experience of encountering Western culture as a teenager and later contemporary dance, she attempts to make visible a feeling of constant delay. A kind of temporal gap which she needed to fill, in order to catch up with the timelines of contemporary Western aesthetics. Alternating between silence, music, soundtracks with voices from dance icons and her own reflections on norms and values between East and West, the audience is drawn into an hour long. Read more here.

19:00 Dinner


20:00 Performance, Batty Bwoy by Harald Beharie (NO)


A dance solo which doesn’t start with a question, but from a place of play and desire, entangled in violence and charming cruelty. Through a reappropriation of the Jamaican term “Batty Bwoy” (literally, butt boy), slang for a queer person, the work is a corporal fiction, inseparable from queer blackness. It invokes demonic sensitivities and charming cruelties, while unfolding vulnerability in an interplay of consciousness and naivety. The horror and joy of Batty Bwoy, inherent to queer blackness, is unmasked. Read more here.

21:15 Party/DJ

23:00 Bus to Stora Teatern, Gothenburg


00:30 Arrival at Stora Teatern,  Gothenburg


If you want to stay in Tanum the festival HERE: 2023 continues on the Sunday with more program, read more here.

Keðja presents – Stretch Vitlycke, Sweden 2023 is hosted and supported by Region Västra Götaland, Sweden and a collaboration with Vitlycke Centre for Performing Arts and Vitlycke Museum.

Keðja and festival HERE: 2023 present – Dance Encounter will be held in english.

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