At keðjaMariehamn it was announced that current keðja partner dansearena nord, will host the next keðja Encounter in Hammerfest November 2015. Here Maiken Garder, Susanne Næss Nielsen and Tanja Andreeva receives the ball from the 2012-2015 partners.Dansearena.receiving.theball (open post to se photo)

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Read about Inta Balodes Voyage into the Wilderness

The group Herrala, Muilu, Mustonen and Tiitta just finished their Wilderness stay in Bebrene, Latvia. What came out of it is yet to be discovered.
However writer Inta Balode visited and ventured in to the first Latvian Wilderness residencies that took place in 2013. She has described her wild adventures on the Wilderness blog. Read her amusing and warm, five-part tale. Click the tag Latvia for easy access to her numbered blog posts.