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UPDATE June 2015:
A group of people previously involved in the keðja Mentoring Scheme and the Nordic-Baltic Producers Network are working on establishing the Nordic Circle of Artistic Management (working title) that will facilitate a mentorship programme as well as workshops and network meetings.
Contact person: Anne-Sofie Ericsson,


The keđja Mentoring Scheme was set up to develop the international capacities of managers/producers/self-organizing artists working with dance in the Nordic-Baltic countries. It was a chance for 12 persons to share ideas, struggles, experiences, sorrows and joy with a mentor for two years.

During keđja 2008-2010 a lack of skills in the realm of communication and business management within the independent dance sector was identified.

12 mentees/mentee couples got support/advice/coaching from 12 mentors/mentor couples. Sharing of knowledge and experience took place, in order to develop the performing arts management field, thereby benefitting the dance scene as such. At the same time a network of mentees was formed. As a final task the mentees were asked to solve a concrete tasks in relation to keđjas 2012-2015 activities. This resulted in the performative Mentouring sessions that took place at keðjaMariehamn.

For a period of app. two years each mentee will communicate with their mentor(s) from whom they will receive coaching on general issues concerning individual professional development / the development of the mentees company as well as on concrete cases he/she is dealing with.  Each mentee + mentor will meet two or three times on an individual basis. Both mentees and mentors will participate in the keđja Encounters in Klaipeda and Mariehamn.

The mentors were professionals with knowledge and experience within arts management in the independent and institutional performing arts field. The mentees had some management education and/or some years of experience in professional management work within dance/the performing arts.
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The mentoring sessions empowered the individual mentees as well as the mentors. They strengthened the competences of the mentess needed to initiate local, international and cross border activities.

The Mentoring Scheme took place in 2013 and 2014. Mentees and mentors were present at the Encounters keðjaKlaipeda June 2013 and  keðjaMariehamn August 2014.

keðja partner Site Sweden (SE) managed the Mentoring Scheme in close collaboration with associated partner Danskontoret/Kultur i Väst (SE) and keðja partners SL Independent Theatres of Iceland (IS) and Dansehallerne (DK).

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