Photo: TIP
Photo: TIP


First premiere August 8th 2014 at keðjaMariehamn, Åland Islands, Finland

Friday 8th at 20:00 and 21:00 (40 mins)
Alandica / Auditorium
Tickets: 5 €

An experiment with sensors, with soft and hardware developed by the artists, the audience is invited into a “created room” to explore.  A room filled with soundscape from Denmark, Iceland and Norway, an installation inspired by Danish windmills, Icelandic vulcano energy and Norwegian wind and water.

Norwegian choreographers Trine Saltermark and Silje Nordheim, together with composer Jørgen Larsson, come together in Wilderness dance as TIP, Translation in Process. All three artists share an interest in working outside of urbanised areas. Their chosen name, Translation in Process, refers to the constant process of decoding what happens in an encounter with something new

Choreographers: Trine Saltermark, Silje Nordheim
Music: Jørgen Larsson
Light design: Jørgen Larsson
Costumes: Trine Saltermark
Video: Trine Saltermark
Performers: Trine Saltermark and Jørgen Larsson

Email of contact person: datadans@online.no
Website: http://datadans.wix.com/thetip

Audience information: Appr. 20-25 persons at one performance.  A children friendly performance

The showing in Mariehamn will be a «work in progress» viewing.
The project is experimenting with sensors and we are developing soft and hardware ourselves – combining used and new equipment and technology.  With inspiration from our stay in Denmark, and the balance between man and nature – and how we use/exploit the energy in nature.  We create a room which the audience is invited to explore – and which the audience needs to collaborate with us, to make the performance happen! You will be guided!

The room will be filled with a soundscape with sounds from Denmark and Norway, and the installation includes parts from old Danish windmills and other elements which makes this a unconventional dance performance space.