Choreographers: hello!earth
Co-authors: Vera Maeder, Jacob Langaa Sennek, Daniel Norback, Ariana Jordao, Riikka Theresa Innanen, Gustavo Ciriaco
Performers: Vera Maeder, Jacob Langaa Sennek, Ariana Jordao, Shuly Nordbek Azoulay
Composer: Pelle Skovman
Production: Shuli Azoulay

Duration: 120 min.
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Where does nature start and end? At the surface of our skin, or in a far away galaxy? And how do intelligent systems described in biology connect with ideas of intergalactic collectives? And what about us?

LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE – a gathering for animals, people and minerals deals with shifting paradigms of our relations to natural environments and possible roles for humans. In the midst of our process and based on open source thinking and development, we invite you to a lively evening lab session of co-creation, sharing and play. A meeting with our thoughts and materials so far, where wild animals, green grass, artificial ducks or other might come along to be taken for a collective exploration. And party.

Denmark based hello!earth create audience-sensitive, participatory art works with a multi-disciplinary approach. Since the company was formed in 2007 their approach has manifested in a series of works and numerous co-operations with leading art, theatre and dance institutions worldwide.

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